You Don’t Have to Go Out This 4th of July! 4 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Holiday at Home with Your Loved One | IPR Healthcare

The 4th of July holiday is just around the corner, and many Houston, Texas, residents are excited to go out and celebrate. However, those with a senior in their lives may not feel comfortable going out for a night on the town. At IPR, we know that any holiday can be celebrated from the comfort of you or your loved one’s home, so we’ve laid out some fun indoor activities to try this 4th of July:


  1. Throw a Backyard BBQ

A small gathering of family and friends is the perfect way to celebrate 4th of July! When throwing your backyard BBQ, be sure to add plenty of seating so your loved one can sit down if they feel overstimulated at any point. Also, be sure to modify the menu for your loved one. Grilled meat covered in BBQ sauce contains high amounts of sodium and won’t provide your loved one with all the nutrients they need. Be sure to also grill some vegetables for your loved one, so they can have a healthy option to enjoy.


  1. Sing Along to Patriotic Songs

Get into the 4th of July spirit by singing some patriotic songs with your loved one. You can use a karaoke machine, or simply look up versions of your favorite patriotic songs online. Be sure to include your loved one in on the fun too, and ask them what their favorite songs about America were when they were younger.


  1. Make Some Patriotic Crafts

There are tons of simple, patriotic crafts you can create with your loved one this 4th of July. Grab some safety scissors, paint, and any other materials you and your loved one will enjoy crafting with. As a bonus, you can keep many of these crafts to help decorate for next 4th of July as well. Try creating a windsock to hang outdoors with a 6-inch embroidery hoop and red, white, and blue ribbons. You can also try creating a beautiful, patriotic flower pot with a simple clay pot and some red, white, and blue paint. Get creative and enjoy crafting the night away with your loved one.


  1. Watch a Fireworks Display on TV

Many large cities will televise their 4th of July fireworks display. If you’re staying home with your loved one this 4th of July, grab snack, drinks, and get comfortable in front of the TV to watch a fireworks display. You’ll get to enjoy the tradition of watching fireworks on the 4th of July without having to leave the house!


4th of July is all about celebrating the formation of the USA, but that doesn’t mean going out is the only way to celebrate. These fun activities will be perfect for you and your loved one at home. For professional at-home senior care in Houston, Texas, give IPR Healthcare a call at (713) 592-6776.