What is Hospital to Home Care?

Hospital to home health care involves the care of a patient in the home after being discharged from the hospital. A leading cause of hospital readmission or slow post-hospitalization recovery is the lack of proper care and support following a hospitalization. Hospital to home care can reduce this risk by providing patients with in-home recovery services after being hospitalized. Oftentimes, the hours following a hospital stay are a vulnerable and critical time for patients. Lifestyle changes, such as changes in daily habits, taking required medications, a changed meal regimen, and rehabilitation exercises can cause stress and confusion for those recently discharged from a hospital. Hospital to home health care allows patients to put their minds at ease by providing monitoring, reminders, companionship, and emotional support to help promote a successful recovery at home. A key benefit is having a trained specialist to provide post-hospitalization care, which allows loved ones to focus on spending more quality time with the patient instead of worrying about providing medical care.

Types of Hospital to Home Care
  • Emotional Care
  • Healthcare
  • Medication Management
  • Wound Care

Hospital to home care can provide assistance with medication management, wound treatment, companionship, and many other services that can create a comfortable and effective recovery process following a hospital stay.

Hospital To Home Care

Benefits of Hospital to Home Care

Hospital to home health care can provide extraordinary benefits that can prevent readmission into the hospital and increase overall well-being. Some benefits include:

  • Treatment in a comfortable, familiar environment
  • Patient and family education
  • Trained professionals
  • Personalized care and support


Those requiring intermittent care once out of the hospital may be good candidates for hospital to home care. Additionally, patients requiring assistance with rehabilitation, education, or emotional support may find it beneficial. Recovery is often a smoother process when home health care is utilized, as these services blend the comfort of your home with the education and support of trained nurses.

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Why Choose IPR for Your Hospital to Home Care?

At IPR Healthcare, we are passionate about providing our patients with exceptional hospital to home care to ensure an effective recovery process after a hospital stay. It is our mission to provide patients with the support and services they need to regain their quality of life and independence. We understand that recovery is the number one priority, which is why we treat each patient on an individual basis. Based on the symptoms and medical history of the patient, we tailor our services to provide an effective and personalized plan. Our services are provided in your home, where you are most comfortable. This alleviates the stress and confusion that often follow a hospitalization. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is trained to provide a wide variety of hospital to home care services to create an outstanding patient experience.

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