What are Endocrine Services?

The endocrine system is a system within the human body that secretes hormones, which affect the actions of various organ systems within the body. Endocrine system care services are medical and other services dedicated to the endocrine system, including its diseases and hormones. These services can also deal with the psychological or behavioral activates associated with hormones that secrete within the endocrine system. In-Home Endocrine System Care can provide relief to patients suffering from health issues due to too much or too little of a hormone being produced within the body. Additionally, these services can benefit patients whose body does not respond to certain hormones.

Types of Endocrine Services

The most common types of endocrine services factor into all aspects that may be affected by endocrine issues. The most common types of endocrine services include:

  • Education
  • Psychosocial Services
  • Community Relations
In-Home Endocrine System Care Services

IPR Healthcare’s Endocrine Services

At IPR, we take a comprehensive approach to endocrine services. We focus on disease education, safety education, medication education, psychosocial services, and community relations. Our endocrine services include:

Disease Education:

  • Assess the patient’s skin integrity for signs and symptoms of diabetic ulcers.
  • Assess vital signs, any post-operative complications, reaction to meds & activity and notification of changes in patient condition through regular skilled visits.
  • Assistance with personal care and ADL’s by our Home Health Aide/Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Educate patient/home health care professional on importance of maintaining a blood glucose log and levels that need to be reported to their doctor or nurse.
  • Educate patient/caregiver on managing signs and symptoms of hypo/hyperglycemia.
  • Instruct patient on how to use blood glucose monitoring equipment.
  • Instruct patient on pathophysiology of disease, diet, exercise & use of meds.

Medication Education:

  • Create a medication profile worksheet
  • Customize a realistic medication schedule
  • Emphasize site rotation & cleanliness prior to discharge
  • Instruct in proper technique for insulin administration
  • Instruct on side effects of medication
  • Review all medication for contraindications and interactions

Safety Education:

  • Assess home environment
  • Coordination of care with respect to DME, Private Duty, Social Services, etc.
  • Instruct on foot care/make recommendation for DPM
  • Instruct on prevention of renal and dental problems
  • Instruct on proper vision care and regular follow ups/checkups with Ophthalmologist
  • Low-vision rehabilitation
  • Teach patient/caregiver the proper discard of biomedical waste

Psychosocial Services:

  • Assess patient’s attitude about managing disease
  • Assess the response to treatment/intervention
  • Instruct on coping skills to manage disease process and maintain compliance

Community Relations:

  • Coordinate contact with support groups if necessary
  • Describe how and where supplies can be obtained
  • Describe importance of seeing PCP and other healthcare providers regularly

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Why Choose IPR for In-Home Endocrine System Care?

Our staff at IPR Healthcare System, Inc. is highly skilled in treating endocrine conditions, as well as the external effects that come along with them. We believe in providing patients with treatments that will benefit all aspects of their lives, so we focus on education, community, and psychosocial factors along with medical factors. We offer the most advanced in-home endocrine system care for our patients which have the additional benefit of allowing them to stay in the comfortable, familiar environment of their home. IPR equips our patients with a staff that is dedicated to treatment, evaluation, and education, providing a comprehensive and effective treatment plan to improve quality of life. We tirelessly dedicate ourselves to providing an exceptional experience for our patients.

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