What is Medical Social Work?

Medical social work specializes in many fields of the healthcare industry, including: public healthcare, palliative healthcare, geriatric healthcare, inpatient healthcare, and mental healthcare. These services can be provided in specialized medical settings or within the patient’s home. Medical social workers can provide services to patients with only certain conditions, or to a large variety of patients with many conditions. Many of these workers have specific training in behavioral health conditions, health care policies, and health care service systems.  These services are often provided in collaboration with other professionals in the medical field such as nurses, doctors, or physical therapists. Medical social workers are often primarily involved in preparing patients for life after leaving a residential setting. However, their services can also include support such as case management, referrals, grief counseling, overall health and wellness counseling, and psychosocial counseling. Additionally, medical social workers can work with a patient’s current support system to develop a more effective treatment plan regarding their services.

Types of Medical Social Work

Medical social work fulfills a variety of tasks. The most common types of medical social work services are:

Patients with conditions that cause grief or anxiety, or need resources to additional services may benefit from the assistance of medical social work services.

Medical Social Work Service

Benefits of Medical Social Work

Patients receiving medical social work services experience a number of benefits. Some of the key benefits of medical social work are:

  • Resource referrals
  • Emotional support
  • Education

Almost every patient can benefit from the help of medical social work services. However, those with chronic degenerative diseases, mental illness, social problems, or housing problems may find these services particularity beneficial.


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IPR Medical Social Work Services

  • Advocacy with community agencies
  • Assistance with long-term care planning and placement counseling
  • Counseling and crisis intervention, and application for financial assistance
  • Liaison with other members of the health care team
  • Provide information about, and referral to, programs such as Meals on Wheels and Library for the Blind

Why Choose IPR for Your Medical Social Work?

IPR Healthcare’s medical social work services are essential in providing quality care to our clients. It is our goal and mission to improve or maintain the social, emotional, functional, and physical health status of each client. Additionally, IPR Healthcare’s  services enhance the coping skills of the family and other caregivers. Our trained staff can provide professional and friendly services to patients in order to create an experience that is as smooth and effective as possible. IPR Healthcare’s dedication to patients ensures that we provide the best possible medical social work services to fulfill whatever your needs may be. Our medical social workers are dedicated to providing services on an individual basis which allows for a more personal relationship with the patient and more effective services. With our two locations in Houston, Texas, Baytown, Texas, and Kingwood, Texas, patients are never far from the expert care they need.

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