What is Skilled Home Care?

Skilled home health care involves a wide range of health services performed by medical professionals in your home to help you recover from an injury or illness. Skilled home care is cost-effective and a convenient way to get the same level of care you would receive in a hospital. However, skilled home care has the additional benefit of treatment in a comfortable, familiar setting. This type of care helps patients regain independence and become as self-sufficient as possible, and includes a wide range of services. Based on the directions of the client’s physician, a treatment plan is formed to effectively treat a patient with skilled services provided in the home. Treatment is administered by registered nurses and other specialized healthcare professionals. These skilled home health care workers also update your physician about your progress while under their care. Skilled home care is ideal for patients who have trouble leaving the home without assistance. Many aspects of skilled health care are covered by Medicare for qualified individuals.

Types of Skilled Home Care

The overall goal of skilled home care is to treat an illness or injury in those who need medical services provided to them within their home. While skilled home care covers an extensive range of services, the most common types include:

Skilled Home Care Services

If your condition affects your daily routine, you need skilled care or therapy services, or have had a doctor recommend a home treatment plan for your condition, you may benefit from some of the above skilled health care services.

Why Choose IPR for Your Skilled Home Care?

IPR is dedicated to providing patients with expert skilled home health care services to promote health, safety, and independence. IPR Healthcare provides you with a licensed staff, trained to provide a variety of skilled home care services. Through our services, we allow our patients to spend more quality time with loved ones by removing the need for families to take on the responsibility of providing medical services. In addition to providing skilled home care, we also provide light periodic visits by Certified Nurses Assistants to assist with services such as bathing, light housekeeping with linens. This allows a wide range of people to receive the treatment they need in the comfort of their own home.

Our expert staff, combined with our extensive knowledge of home health care services, allows IPR Healthcare to provide an exceptional experience for our patients. By bringing your treatment to your home and working closely with a patient’s physician, we are able to help our patients regain their independence and overall well-being as quickly and effectively as possible. We look at each patient on an individual basis, ensuring that patients are receiving customized treatment based on their symptoms and conditions. We care about our patients and strive to provide effective treatment and a patient experience unlike any other.

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