Summer Activities to Enjoy with Your Loved One This Season | IPR Healthcare

Summer is a wonderful time in Houston, Texas. While the days may be hot, this season is the perfect opportunity to bond with family and friends and explore your city. However, those caring for a senior may wonder which summer activities are right for their loved one. As a leading name in at-home senior car in Houston, IPR Healthcare understands that you want to spend time doing activities you and your loved one can both enjoy, so we’ve laid out the best senior-friendly activities to try this summer:


  1. Have a Picnic

Houston, along with many of its suburbs, boasts a number of beautiful parks where you and your loved one can enjoy a picnic. Pack a healthy, light lunch, a blanket, some bug spray, plenty of water, and you can create the perfect summer picnic. Keep in mind to make sure to find a shady area to lay your blanket out, as seniors are more susceptible to sun-related skin problems. If you’re visiting a new park and don’t know where any shady areas are, it may be a good idea to bring an umbrella and some sun screen to ensure your loved one will be protected from the sun’s rays.



  1. Float in the Pool

Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy floating in the pool. It’s also great for your loved one, as the water’s buoyancy is easy on any stiff, achy joints. Grab a couple of supportive pool floats, relax, and enjoy cooling off from the summer heat. For those who don’t have a pool, you can still enjoy a relaxing float. Many neighborhoods offer community pools, and many local health clubs offer access to one as well.



  1. Keep Up with Local Events

Plenty of free, fun, senior-friendly events are available in Houston, Texas, and many of the surrounding areas. Check with your local parks and recreation departments to see a full calendar of activities you and your senior can enjoy this summer. Many of these classes can benefit your loved one, as they often focus on learning a new skill or getting more physical activity into their day.



  1. Join a Book Club

If the summer heat is too much for your loved one, joining a book club is a great indoor activity you and your loved one can do together. Many libraries offer summer book club programs. You and your loved one can bond over sharing your thoughts on the book and reading together.



  1. Visit a Senior Center

Visiting your local senior center is a great way for your loved one to meet other seniors and build friendships. Many centers even offer field trips for seniors and their caregivers to explore the museums and fun activities that other cities have to offer.


Enjoying the summer with your loved one will create lasting memories for you both to enjoy. For professional home care services in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, give IPR Healthcare a call at (713) 592-6776.