Senior Caregivers Ensure Top-Notch Care | IPR Healthcare

People in charge of a senior’s health want the best care available. It’s impossible to provide hospital-level care without training and experience. We provide licensed senior caregivers at IPR Healthcare, ensuring loved ones receive quality care in the home. Here’s what a trained caregiver does for your loved one:


  1. Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s is a serious disease, requiring specialized care. Trained caregivers provide the health services your loved one needs. Professionals are trained to handle those with special conditions, ensuring your loved one receives exceptional care.


  1. Pain Management

Seniors experience pain more frequently than younger individuals. Pain management is an essential service for the elderly. Amateurs are not trained to take charge of a senior’s medication schedule, leading to health concerns. A trained caregiver is licensed and qualified to manage a senior’s pain management regime.


  1. General Nursing

Caregivers handle routine health services along with specialized care. Seniors need regular health checkups to ensure they are healthy. It’s best to let a trained expert administer these checks. A professional caregiver alerts you to any small health changes that indicate a larger problem.


  1. Physical Therapy

At-home physical therapy helps seniors move comfortably in their home. It also promotes seniors to become more active. A qualified caregiver provides exercise routines to bolster your loved one’s physical therapy routine. Personalizing this routine requires medical experience, meaning it’s important to follow the guidance of a professional.


Utilizing our caregivers for your senior family member ensures they receive expert treatment. Make sure your loved one is cared for! Call us at (713) 592-6776 or visit us at