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Senior Caregivers Ensure Top-Notch Care

Senior Caregivers

People in charge of a senior’s health want the best care available. It’s impossible to provide hospital-level care without training and experience. We provide licensed senior caregivers at IPR Healthcare, ensuring loved ones receive quality care in the home. Here’s what a trained caregiver does for your loved one:

Spring Senior Health Tips You Need to Know


Houston, Texas, area residents in charge of the health of a senior know to worry about essential care services like managing medication. However, one thing they may not think to focus on is preventing dehydration in the elderly. It may not seem like a big concern, but dehydration prevention is an important part of effective senior health care, especially as the weather heats up. IPR Healthcare understands that caregivers want to ensure their loved one is healthy during the warmer months, so we’ve listed some tips to help you learn how to prevent dehydration:

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Caregiver Anxiety: What is it & How Can You Deal with it?


Generally, anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort so intense that it seriously impairs the ability of thinking clearly. While different from the medical issue, caregiver anxiety displays ma...

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The Questions You NEED to Ask as a Caregiver


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Use This Article to Show Caregiver Love This Holiday


Though it comes with quite a bit of responsibilities, caregiving is an extremely rewarding job. There are so many opportunities to spread happiness to your loved one. At IPR Healthcare, we know that c...

Use These Tips When Caregiver Stress Sets In


By choice or by chance, with a job as demanding and consuming as caregiving, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed at some point. However, as wonderful as being a caregiver can be, there’s a point in time ...

A Guide to Reducing the Risk of Falls for Your Loved One


Many of those in charge of their loved one’s care realize the serious repercussions a fall can have. However, it can be difficult to know how to reduce the risk of a potentially dangerous fall. At IPR...

Use These Tips to Find the Perfect In-Home Caregiver


Caring for your loved one is an important responsibility. However, that doesn’t mean that Houston, Texas, residents in charge of their loved one’s care don’t need help sometimes. Often, the medical as...