Allergies in the Home can Affect Senior Health | IPR Healthcare

A common problem during this time a year is allergies. No matter where in Houston, Texas, you go, it seems impossible to escape them – even in the home. If itchy, water eyes are affecting your health, just think of your loved one. Keeping up with senior health in their home can be difficult when allergens run rampant, but IPR Healthcare has some tips to keep your loved one breathing easy:

  1. Keep Windows Closed

It can be hard to not open every window in your loved one’s home on a beautiful spring day but resist the temptation. This makes allergies in the home even worse. Why? Wind blows pollen and other allergens into the home through the open window. As your loved one breathes in these allergens, they’ll experience the unpleasant symptoms of itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and coughing. Keep windows closed and use the AC to cool your loved one’s home instead.


  1. Use a Dryer

Your loved one may prefer their clothes to be dried on a line, but it’s best to avoid this during the spring months. Wet clothes left outside act like a sponge, absorbing allergens that come into their path. When your loved gets dressed, they’ll be exposed to allergens and will experience itchy skin and hives. Stick to the dryer during the warm months to help your loved one.


  1. Wash Hands Frequently

Make sure both you and your loved one have clean hands. While flu season is gone, washing your hands is just as important during the spring months. Pollen sticks to skin, dispersing throughout the home as you and your loved one move. The result: unpleasant symptoms, like itching, coughing, sneezing, and wheezing.


Seasonal allergies are unpleasant for everyone, but they especially affect senior health in the home. A simple case of allergies weakens the immune system and can lead to more serious health problems. Keep your loved one in great health all year long with our in-home caregivers! Call us at (713) 592-6776 or visit us at