Signs You May be Dealing with Caregiver Stress | IPR Healthcare

Many people in the Greater Houston, Texas, community are caregivers for their loved ones. While caregiving is a rewarding experience, it can also cause a great amount of stress, especially during the already stressful holiday season. It is vital to understand the sings of caregiver stress in order to be able to keep yourself healthy and provide the best care possible to your loved one. At IPR Healthcare, we understand that it can be difficult to recognize signs of stress in your own self when you’re focused on providing care for your loved one, so we’ve listed out some signs that may indicate you need a break:


  1. Mood Swings

The mix of emotions that come along with care giving can take a toll on your mood. The difficult mix of physical and emotional exhaustion can lead to stress which can throw your mind into a frenzy. You may feel angry at an overwhelming situation one minute, then depressed the next. Sometimes, these changes in mood may occur for no cause at all. Mood swings are a key indicator that your caregiving duties are becoming a bit too stressful for you and you may need a break.


  1. You Feel Isolated

When taking on the responsibility as a caregiver for your loved one, it can often feel like a full-time job. While your time may be more often devoted to your loved one, you shouldn’t feel held back from friends or other family members. If you are beginning to feel isolated, it may be time to take a break and have a fun time with others. Even just one night can be enough time to recharge and be ready to get back to your caregiving duties with a fresh mind.


  1. You’ve Become Snappy

When you feel overwhelmed and stressed, it is easy to over-react to small situations. You may snap at your loved one for a simple mistake, or may even become angry with yourself for a small error. If you feel the tension due to your constant outbursts, you may be suffering from too much stress stemming from your caregiving responsibilities.


  1. You are Becoming Sick Easily

In addition to emotional symptoms, stress can cause physical symptoms too. When placed under a great deal of stress, your immune system becomes weaker and more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Keep an eye on your health. If you are noticing that you are becoming sick more often or staying sick for longer periods of time, your body may be trying to tell you it is time for a rest period.


  1. You’re Neglecting Your Own Needs

An overwhelming amount of stress from your caregiving duties can lead to depression. Depression leads you to feel as though you do not care about your hygiene or daily routine. If you have begun neglecting your own needs by skipping meals or showers, it is an important indicator that you need a rest period from your caregiving duties.


An effective way to beat caregiver stress and give yourself a break is by utilizing professional home care. With professional home care services, you can recharge and take some time off while still ensuring your loved one receives high-quality care. IPR Healthcare offers outstanding home care services, provided by a staff who is dedicated to caring for your loved one’s needs. Give us a call at 713.592.6776.