Use These Important Tips to Keep Your Loved One’s Home Safe | IPR Healthcare

When caring for a loved one, many Houston, Texas, in-home caregivers worry about keeping the house safe. Fortunately, safety hazards can be easily avoided with just a few modifications to your loved one’s home. At IPR Healthcare, we understand that safety is a top priority, so we’ve laid out some tips to create a senior-friendly home for your loved one:


  1. Install Night Lights in the Bathroom


Installing a bright night light in the bathrooms of your loved one’s home can help prevent a dangerous fall. If your loved one gets up at night to use the restroom, it’s important that they can easily see where they are going. If the bathroom is across the hall from your loved one’s room, it’s also a good idea to install night lights leading into the bathroom, so their path is well-illuminated.



  1. Place Markers to Indicate Cold and Hot Water Faucets


Senior skin is more prone to burns, and if your loved one mistakenly uses the hot water faucet in their home instead of cold water, it could lead to an injury. To avoid this, clearly mark each faucet so your loved one is able to determine whether they are using hot or cold water. This can be indicated with colored tape or stickers. You can also purchase and install brightly colored indicators onto the faucet.



  1. Regularly Check Expiration Dates on Food


Your loved one may not remember to check expiration dates on their food as often as they should. If they consume an expired product, it could lead to an illness. To prevent this, be sure to do a weekly check of perishable foods, like dairy or meat products. Additionally, check any fruits and vegetables they have to ensure that they are not beginning to spoil.



  1. Add a Non-Slip Surface to Stairs


If your loved one has a two-story home, it’s important to keep their safety in mind as they walk up and down the stairs. If they are made with a slippery surface, like wood, it’s a good idea to look into adding a non-slip tread to the stairs. Many hardware stores sell treads of various materials to fit the needs of your loved one. When shopping for stair treads, keep in mind that quality is important, as you don’t want any edges to come up and create a potential falling hazard.


When caring for your loved one, home safety is of the utmost importance. At IPR Healthcare, we are passionate about providing high-quality senior care in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (713) 592-6776.