The Colder Weather is Here – Use These Tips to Keep Your Loved One Warm | IPR Healthcare

With November over half-way through and the recent freezes we’ve experienced here in Houston, Texas, the cold weather seems here to stay until springtime. However, the cold weather can affect seniors differently than those of a younger age. At IPR Healthcare, we understand that your loved one’s comfort is important, so we’ve laid out some tips to help keep your loved one warm during the fall and winter seasons:



  1. Eat According to the Season

A cold slice of watermelon may be a perfect snack on a summer’s day, but it’s best for your loved one to stay away from cold food when the temperatures begin to fall outside. Instead, eat foods that are warm and will help your loved one raise their body temperature. Some delicious dishes to try include soups, roasted vegetables with meat, and casseroles.



  1. Heat the Home Safely

While space heaters, fireplaces, and electric blankets are useful to keep warm around the home, make sure to take some extra safety precautions for your loved one. Make sure that there are no objects within 2 feet of your loved one’s space heater or fireplace. This includes furniture, blankets, and even decorations. Additionally, make sure any space heater your loved one uses has a timer feature, in case your loved one forgets it is running. If your loved one uses an electric blanket to keep warm, ensure that it remains in a location where the cord can be easily placed somewhere where it will not pose a risk for a fall.



  1. Set the Thermostat to a Comfortable Temperature

To help cut energy costs, you may be tempted to set your loved one’s thermostat a bit lower this season. However, if you set the thermostat too low, it could result in a potentially dangerous drop in body temperature. A safe temperature range for seniors is between 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit, so set your loved one’s thermostat to a temperature within this range that feels comfortable to them.



  1. Have Your Loved One Bundle Up

Whenever you and your loved one are heading outside, be sure to have them bundle up in layers. Be sure the layers cover their head, neck, and hands to ensure they are not losing too much body heat. Additionally, ensure that any boots they wear are waterproof, to prevent cold water from seeping into your loved one’s socks.


Keeping your loved one warm and comfortable is essential during this time of year. At IPR Healthcare, we are a leading name in home health care in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (713) 592-6776.