How to Welcome Winter with Your Loved One | IPR Healthcare

Winter isn’t far away, and many Houston, Texas, caregivers are looking for ways to welcome the new season with their loved one. However, the holiday bustle can be stressful for seniors, especially those who need to spend most of their time in the home. At IPR Healthcare, we know that celebrating the winter season with your loved one is important, so we’ve laid out some senior-friendly activities you can both enjoy this season:


  1. Craft Holiday Decorations

Glass decorations, like ornaments, can cause problems for seniors if they break. This winter, instead of decorating your loved one’s home with glass decorations, try crafting some festive decorations using materials like paper or felt. They can add a fun holiday feel to your loved one’s home without posing the risk of breaking and causing painful cuts. Try crafting some snowflakes to hang around the house for a great bonding experience you and your loved one will enjoy this season.



  1. Schedule a Video Chat

If you and your loved one have family that can’t be home for the holidays, try scheduling a video chat to catch up. This allows your loved one to see family members without having to travel. There are many video chatting programs to choose from – all you need is a computer with a webcam to allow your loved one to spend time chatting with far-away relatives this season.



  1. Cook a Delicious Meal

Cooking delicious holiday food is one of the best ways to enjoy winter with your loved one. Find a recipe they enjoyed as a child and take some time to cook a meal together that will bring back memories for your loved one. However, be sure to handle all aspects of cooking that could potentially injure your loved one, such as chopping or slicing any ingredients. To spread the winter cheer, you can even share the meal you and your loved one made with friends and other family members.



  1. Watch Holiday Movies

Whether your loved one is a fan of The Grinch, Rudolph, or Frosty the Snowman, watching their favorite holiday movie is the perfect way to welcome winter. Grab some blankets and a snack and curl up with your loved one in front of the TV to get in the spirit of the season.


Winter can be a busy time, but there’s nothing better than being able to spend the season with your loved ones. For professional at-home senior care in Houston, Texas, give IPR Healthcare a call at (713) 592-6776.