Caregiver-Approved Activities to Do with Your Loved One This Spring | IPR Healthcare

Spring has officially arrived, and many Houston, Texas, residents are ready to get out and enjoy all the season has to offer. As a leading name in caregiver services, IPR Healthcare knows that caregivers are looking for springtime activities they can enjoy with their loved ones, so we’ve listed 5 caregiver-approved activities that are sure to bring you and your loved one hours of entertainment:

  1. Fly a Kite

Purchase or make a kite and head to one of the many parks here in Houston, Texas, to fly a kite. Being out in the fresh spring air will be a treat for both you and your loved one, and flying a kite is an activity that your loved one can participate in, even while sitting down. As a bonus, you can pack a lunch to bring with you and take a break to have a picnic in the park. You both will enjoy doing a fun activity in the beautiful spring weather and flying a kite can bring back fun childhood memories for your loved one.

  1. Tour the City

There’s always something to explore in Houston, Texas, even if you’re not new to the city. Check out some local sights on a driving tour through the city. Even something as simple as checking out the blooming springtime flowers can bring hours of enjoyment for you and your loved one. A driving tour offers the perfect opportunity to get out of the house without having to walk long distances.

  1. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Look up a recipe you and your loved one can make together, and head to your local farmer’s market for some shopping. Many fruits and vegetables are in-season during spring, and a farmer’s market offers fresh produce for a delicious meal. Many of these markets offer plenty of room for a wheelchair or walker if needed, and your loved one will enjoy helping you pick out food to help make a fresh springtime meal.

  1. Go See a Live Show

Houston, Texas, offers many wonderful live shows that you and your loved one can enjoy. Look up show times online and select a show that you and your loved one will both enjoy. A spring-themed performance is the perfect way to celebrate the season, and many local theaters offer spacious areas for those who are in wheelchairs or have walking aids.

  1. Enjoy Patio Seating

Take your loved one out to a nice restaurant with patio seating. Not only will it be nice to enjoy a nice meal, you and your loved one will enjoy sitting on the patio and enjoying the fresh springtime air. Your loved one will love bonding with you over a fresh meal and enjoying the sunshine.

These caregiver-approved activities are the perfect way for you both to enjoy the fresh air, warm weather, and fun events that come along with the season. For expert Houston, Texas, home care assistance for your loved one this season, give IPR Healthcare a call at (713) 592-6776.