A Guide to Reducing the Risk of Falls for Your Loved One | IPR Healthcare

Many of those in charge of their loved one’s care realize the serious repercussions a fall can have. However, it can be difficult to know how to reduce the risk of a potentially dangerous fall. At IPR Healthcare, we know the importance of reducing the risk factors that can lead to a fall, so we’ve laid out a complete guide to help keep your loved one safe:


  1. Reduce Risks Associated with Age

As we age, our vision and hearing become less sharp. This can mean it’s harder for your loved one to see or hear any risks that could cause a fall. Visit a healthcare provider with your loved one. Eyeglasses or hearing aids may be prescribed to help improve both vision-and hearing-related problems. Additionally, installing lighting in your loved one’s home can help them identify falling risks more easily. Night lights should be placed in areas such as hallways and bathrooms to allow your loved one to see at night.


  1. Reduce Risks Associated with Health Conditions

Conditions that affect your loved one’s ability to move, like osteoporosis, can increase the chance for a fall-related injury. Visit your loved one’s doctor regularly for general health checkups, which will allow conditions to be identified and addressed early, thus minimizing the severity. Supplements may need to be added to the diet in order to strengthen the body, or a medication regime may need to be implemented.


  1. Reduce Risks Associated with Medication

Your loved one may be on multiple medications, and it’s important to understand the side-effects associated with each one. Research the common effects of your loved one’s medicine and be extra vigilant of any medications that cause drowsiness, dizziness, or any other sensations that could cause your loved one to feel “off-balance” or cause difficulty with movement. If you notice any medication-related issues, it’s important to relay your concerns to your loved one’s primary doctor.


  1. Reduce Risks Associated with the Surrounding Environment

Adding modifications to help your loved one adapt to their environment is a key way to help reduce the risk of a fall. Hand rails can be added to the bathtub for easier access. Additionally, using non-skid pads under rugs, keeping wires off of floors, and keeping high-traffic areas clutter-free are easy ways to reduce the risks of a potentially dangerous fall.


Reducing associated risks is an essential part of preventing a potentially dangerous fall for your loved one. Use this guide to keep them safe in their home. For professional caregiver services in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, give IPR Healthcare a call at (713) 592-6776.